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Straight 3d Model Sculpting Software

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Straight3d is a 3d modelling sculpting program with a puzzle of cubes. This program is designed for 3d modelling where you can sculpt with cubes. It programmed so you could rubix and colour individual cubes. It uses a rubix of cubes which you can add or remove from your sculpture to puzzle your .obj file which you want to export to your favorite programs like 3d studio max and blender. You can also save and publish your sculpture to our website.
Minecraft could be jealous.

Movement keys: awsd , qe
Double click or Spacebar adds cube.
Middle mouse or R rubixes a cube.
Right mouse or X deletes a cube.
Mousewheel to control speed of camera.
Mousewheel and shift to change the colour of a cube
number 1-9 to change colours.

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